What’s Changed in v1.12.1?


  • Add auto-update interval for yt-dlp
  • Cookies page now shows the current count of cookies stored in the database


  • Intercept non-HTTP(s) URLs opened in WebView
  • Videos are remuxed to mkv even when the download subtitle is disabled
  • Use MD2 ModalBottomSheetLayout in devices on API < 30
  • Block downloads when updating yt-dlp

Known issues

  • TextFields(IME) fallback to plain character mode when showing a ModalBottomSheet
  • yt-dlp might be broken if you tried to download something while it was
  • updating (bad local file header). To fix it, you just need to update yt-dlp again

Except for the source code licensed under the GPLv3 license, all other parties are prohibited from using Seal’s name as a downloader app, and the same is true for Seal’s derivatives. Derivatives include but are not limited to forks and unofficial builds.

How to Download and Install Seal APK?

Follow this below Step by Step Guide to know How to Download and Install the Real Seal APP!

  • 1st Open your Chrome browser and search for SealAPK.Net
  • Open the website and you will see the Download button Click on that
  • The page will scroll down automatically and you will see another button called “Download Page” Click on that.
  • On the next page, You will see 3 Different Downloadable Files, We recommend you download the First File.
  • After downloading, Open the App and click on Install Button.
  • If that installation gets successful then Very good. If not, then Go back to the download page: Download Another version of the File and Try Again to Install it.

That’s It! In this way, you can download and install Seal APK Latest Version for Android.


  • Download videos and audio files from video platforms supported by yt-dlp (formerly youtube-dl).
  • Embed metadata and video thumbnail into extracted audio files supported by mutagen.
  • Download all videos in the playlist with one click.
  • Use embedded aria2c as external downloader for all your downloads.
  • Embed subtitles into the downloaded videos.
  • Execute custom yt-dlp commands with templates.
  • Manage in-app downloads and custom command templates.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Material Design 3 style UI, with dynamic color theme.
  • MAD: UI and logic written with pure Kotlin. Single activity, no fragments, only composable destinations.